Apply for £5,000 - £20,000 to improve your community venue on and around the Racecourse Estate in Northolt!

Visions for Northolt has launched the Floating Community Room Programme to bring together local people and activate existing community spaces across the Racecourse Estate. You can apply for this Venue Grant to deliver works to your space. A total of £65,000 is available for venue improvements and to boost accessibility to community spaces. Alongside these Venue Grants, we have launched Activity Grants for individuals or community groups to run events in a Floating Community Room.

What is a Floating Community Room?

These are existing community spaces in and around the Racecourse Estate that are interested in hosting community activities. The aim is to support existing venues to generate income and increase community involvement across the estate. Sign-up to become a Floating Community Room and join the network.

You do not need to apply for or secure Venue Grants funding to be a Floating Community Room
. For example, some venues may just want to receive the promotional benefit.

Download the Application Form and apply for Venue Grants funding for your community space.
Application Form
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Application Guidelines
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FAQs Appendices
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