floating community room

Floating community room

Visions for Northolt has launched the Floating Community Room programme to bring together local people and activate existing community spaces across the Racecourse Estate.

What is a Floating Community Room?

Hire a space at a Floating Community Room now!

These are existing community spaces in and around the Racecourse Estate interested in hosting community activities. The aim is to support existing venues to generate income and increase community involvement across the estate. Sign-up to be to join the Floating Community Room Network or view the map below to connect with those already taking part!

Venues part of the Floating Community Room Network agree to:

- Be featured on our online platform with contact details and booking information.
- Host and maintain a notice board advertising Floating Community Room activities (provided and installed at no cost in agreement with operator).

- Display signage/branding showing they are a Floating Community Room (provided and installed at no cost in agreement with operator).

The Floating Community Room Programme has been kick-started with grant funding of up to £77,000 for locals. Applications are now closed and grants will be awarded by November 2023. These grants will fund local activities and events, as well as Floating Community Room venue enhancements in and around the Racecourse Estate. The programme will run for a one year period.