Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running Visions for Northolt?

This programme was initiated by Ealing Council’s Economic Growth Service. We are responsible for regeneration, climate action, inward investment and business growth and support across the borough. We are working with communities and businesses to rebuild our local economy as the borough recovers and renews from Covid-19. We are focused on ensuring that economic growth is directed to our most disadvantaged communities by enabling job creation and attracting investment to support thriving, sustainable and resilient neighbourhoods. 
Between January - August 2021, Ealing Council appointed New Practice and RESOLVE Collective to work with local people to design and deliver the first phase of Visions for Northolt. The team worked alongside a number of local representatives who have been critical to the success of this first phase. The project branding and illustrations were created by local artist Alaa Alsaraj.
Throughout this programme and beyond we are encouraging local people to lead change in Northolt. We want to hear from individuals and groups who are interested in getting involved in future stages of the Visions for Northolt programme. 

What is the end date for Visions for Northolt?

Between January to August 2021, over 300 local people participated, including those who live, work, study, visit or run a business in Northolt. This is the beginning of an exciting journey for Northolt. It is important that the priorities and needs of local people are the starting point. It is equally important that there are ongoing opportunities to get involved.
There will be continued opportunities to get involved in Visions for Northolt as part of an ongoing engagement programme. We will be sharing updates on this via our email sign-up list.

Where can I see the data gathered?

Your feedback will be incorporated into a locally-led vision for the future of Northolt . A draft of this vision and the supporting data will be published on our website in December 2021. This vision is intended to be a working document that can be added to over time as part of the ongoing engagement programme in Northolt.
 We will be sharing updates on this via our email sign-up list.

What happens next? 

We will continue to work with those who have contributed to this locally-led vision to progress its delivery.  We will also continue to gather feedback from those unable to participate in this first stage.
We have heard from local people about the significant challenges faced by Northolt, as well as the potential scale of opportunity. It is important to recognise that this change will take time. Significant and long-term investment is needed, involving multiple stakeholders and partners.
However, we have also heard that local people want to see visible change in the short term. Through this programme we are looking to identify ‘early intervention’ projects which could be delivered over the next 12-24 months. We want to hear your suggestions!

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